Visit London in winter

As winter arrives, I tend to hibernate and wonder if it is worth traveling and exploring the country. Inevitably, the risks of rain and cold always discourage me a little at first. And then, I say myself too bad and reminds me with pleasure of all my winter escapades. Of course Lapland in January is the first winter trip that comes to my mind, but there were also Dublin, Brussels, Edinburgh, Glasgow … It was cold, yes it did, but those trips were have not been less magical. On the contrary. In two weeks by the way, I’m going to Geneva … We’ll see what time will bring.

I wanted, by this article, to encourage you to travel in winter and not be afraid of bad weather. So why not London in the middle of winter?

So what to do in London in winter?

Visit museums and galleries

It’s not a winter-specific activity, but there are enough free and non-free, zany or serious museums and galleries in London to keep you busy for days. The Tate Modern and its unique architecture, the British Museum and its impressive history, the Museum of Science and the Museum of Natural History for the whole family, the Saatchi Gallery, the National Gallery and all the impressionist painters, the zany, but amazing Victoria and Albert Museum, the Greenwich Observatory and so much more … There’s something for everyone and even if you’re not a fan of long afternoons at museums, like it’s free, nothing prevents you to go for a ride and leave whenever you want …

The charm of ballads in winter

Greenwich in winter

Greenwich in winter

Life does not stop in London in winter. Finally, it’s not that cold, and here you’re too used to bad weather, to stop living with every drop of rain or ice. The parks and streets are just as charming in winter and the ballads are equally enjoyable. Greenwich and Richmond under the snow are for example more than romantic …

Christmas decorations

The Parisian windows are known, but in London, the decorations

Carnaby Street Christmas Decorations

Carnaby Street Christmas Decorations

Christmas are all so magical. Oxford Street, the most commercial street is a thousand colors, the tree is erected in Trafalgar Square, Carnaby Street becomes a magical world, Covent Garden is decorated with giant Christmas balls … Here people are crazy about Christmas and it shows !