12 countries in 12 weeks (with a stellar salary): “Here’s what it means to get the ‘Best job in the world'”

Going around the world for three months, exploring some of the most exotic destinations, sleeping in luxury properties, without any travel expenses, even receiving a rich 40,000 dollar salary: a dream? It is the work that got a young Australian 28 years old, who on the web is known as “Sorelle Amore” : beating another 17 thousand candidates, she won the contest entitled “Best Job on the Planet” launched by ThirdHome , a club for exchange of luxury homes. To get the “best job on Earth” was she and now she is ready to share her experience with everyone.

Sisters Amore was then paid to document her travels on social networks and to stay in 12 luxurious and extravagant homes for twelve weeks in different parts of the world, from Scotland to the Bahamas, from Morocco to Costa Rica. Exploring has always been the his passion so much that, at the beginning of the year, the young woman had put his goal on paper: to reach 12 goals and get paid to do it. She was therefore shocked when her brother put in front of ThirdHome’s job announcement, which seemed to be right for her case.

The club announcement included a stay at 12 multi millionaires around the world, where they spend an entire week. Between pools overlooking unique landscapes, princely castles and huge halls, the only task of the chosen one would be to tell his days with creativity, through blogs, videos and updates on social media. “It perfectly matched my goals, I was sure they would pick me in. I always made sure to look honest and even vulnerable in my videos and put my heart in everyone.” ThirdHome later confessed to me that it brought them to I’m a bit clumsy, but I think it’s normal, and people recognize me, “said the young woman.

“Sorelle Amore” has therefore realized the dream of a life of many : she has swum with the sea turtles in the Bahamas, stayed in a house with 12 bedrooms, she slept in a fairytale residence in the Costa Rican forest, she did the bath in spectacular infinity pools, not to mention the wonderful experiences of Scotland and China. And now she is ready to tell it: “I still do not think it’s real, I still have to sit down and read my diary because so much has happened in such a short time, I’ve had some experiences that some people will never do in a lifetime, and I did it in three months, it was a very intense period but I know I will remember it as one of the best of my life “.

Despite the difficulties, Sorelle Amore has never been discouraged: the hours spent traveling alone or at the airport can be exhausting as well as the time spent trying to make the perfect picture. But the effort is worth it. Now his goal is to teach other people to make their way through the passion for travel and photography and get paid for it: “I want to teach the ‘craft’ of the travel influencer because I discovered that it is a fantastic way to live. Who, after all, would not want such a job? “.