Why You Should Travel to China This Year

Posted on 08 December 2017 (0)

Why should we travel to China? Is it an itinerary to Asia? China is the foremost of all other tourist countries in Asia. Tourists of China feel the serene vibe and find the good hospitality of the people.

Special about China

The grandeur of China cannot be expressed in words. It is the land of long history with countless generations and dynasties. The country is itself the trove of history, arts & crafts, and exotic culture. The Chinese opera, calligraphy, painting, acupuncture, and porcelain are unique. The ancient most fighting arts “kung fu” and “tai chi” had its origin in this land. Chinese food is one of the most popular culinary styles.

The Great Wall

It is the topmost destination in the Seven Wonders of the World. It is the most striking architectural feat. The total span of the wall is around 8,500 km. You can trail over the rugged mountains and pitch a tent in the Great Wall to enjoy the site.

It is the land of ancient most civilizations of the world with the longest history. Though it is proclaimed that the first emperor of Qin built it, its origin is quite before his period. It was built to prevent conquer and improve silk road trade. It was the army defense system with surveillance towers, garrison forts, and beacon towers for communication.

The Terracota Army

This is the best known greatest archeological site in Xi’an, China. Terracotta sculptures show the vigor and eternity of the army troops and horses of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, placed inside the pyramid shaped burial tomb. It was constructed with the purpose of protecting the emperor’s afterlife. The splendor of the site is that even after 2,000 years, around 40,000 weapons of his regime have been preserved.

The Forbidden City

It is the most spacious imperial palace of China. There are 90 palaces and 980 buildings with a spectacular view of the Outer Court and the Inner Court. The former and the latter consist of three main halls and three main palaces, respectively. The Outer Court is the gateway to the Inner Court, where the emperors would prepare presentations prior to going to the Temple of Heaven. The Inner Court consists of the living rooms, inner treasuries of the emperors, and the Imperial Garden. One would be amazed even skimming through the complete sketch of the Forbidden City.

Temple of Heaven

As per the name, it is the imperial temple of China with a park structure offering oasis of tranquility. It is regarded as the symbol of Beijing. It is unique and more than any other temple spanning 270 hectares. The primary buildings are the Altar of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven, and Circular Mound Altar. Chanting mantras or performing prayers inside the square produce resonance, which is a charm for worshippers.

The Bund

The Bund in Shanghai is a waterfront esplanade along the Huangpu River. The attractions in the Bund are the buildings of versatile Roman architectures, Aster House Museum, and the Lovers’ wall. Sunrise, sunset, and nightlight views of Shanghai from the top of the buildings and along the side of the river will be awe-inspiring.

China is a lovely place with endless awe-inspiring sites. But never miss out these top 5 attractions to go. Happy traveling!

Reasons why so many people prefer going to London

Posted on 02 November 2017 (0)

England isn’t the warmest place on earth with the best weather, however this is still one of the most popular countries to visit. There are hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting this country each year. And, many people want to know why. These are some of the reasons why so many people prefer going to London, even if the weather isn’t that great:

London Theater

The number one reason why so many tourists are visiting London, is because of the London theater. Not only is this the most popular theater in the world, but this is the best theater as well.

You will be able to see famous faces on stage when you are going to see a show. The best part is that the tickets are affordable for most people, and is going to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Different types of accommodation

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for 5-star accommodation or if you are looking for cheap affordable accommodation. You will find it in London. And, you will be able to choose between a large variety of accommodations that you can afford.

Because of the high tourist attraction in London, there is not a shortage of accommodation there. With a bit of research, you will find a place that is perfect for you.

Free museums to visit

You don’t need to have a large budget to visit London. With a limited budget, you will still be able to visit a couple of museums. This is because there are a large number of museums that are free for tourists to see. And, don’t think that this is going to be the uninteresting museums that are going to be free.

Some of the most popular museums are free in London.

Variety of shopping available

We know that it doesn’t matter where you are, you will want to do some shopping. And London will not disappoint. Many people are visiting London for the shopping centers that are available for shopping. There are a large variety of things that you can purchase and you can spend the whole day just doing some shopping.

You don’t need to worry that everything is expensive. There are some great bargains in London if you just know where to look.

London, England. The one city that everyone knows and everyone wants to visit. But, did you ever wondered why there are so many tourists visiting London each year. These were a couple of the reasons why London is such a great place to visit and why you should consider visiting this place as well. You will not be disappointed and you will have a variety of activities to choose from.